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As our company founders background was in education, we run lots of services for primary and secondary schools as well as further education providers.

Many of these are heavily discounted or sponsored by Gregory Fisher. These include; visiting schools working with individual students or small groups of students on a range of our services such as counselling, life coaching, health and well-being sessions and PT, group fitness classes and Yoga sessions.  

In addition to their counselling and fitness qualification all our coaches are Youth Mental Health First Aiders, DBS checked and hold qualifications in Safeguarding and Prevent. We also have a company Designated Safeguarding Lead (DP) trained by/to Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough Council standards. 

We can also help schools create policies, implement training and audit school provisions for; First Aid, Medication Administration, Mental Health First Aid and Infection Control.

If you are interested in how we could support your school or college, please look at the frequently asked questions for workplace referrals and contact us with your ideas for details and special school pricing.

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School Health & Wellbeing 365

A complete structured school health and wellbeing programme at an affordable price.

We have pioneered the School Health & Wellbeing 365 programme for secondary schools which is a complete physical, emotional and lifestyle development programme for students.

School Health & Wellbeing 365 is a multi-section, secondary school student development programme, which introduces students to the fundamental skills of Health and Wellbeing.

It is aimed predominantly at years 7-10; in order to  support their health and wellbeing.

In addition to student’s health and fitness goals, School Health & Wellbeing 365 also looks at a student’s physical, mental, and emotional journey, as well as their life skills and social development.

The School Health & Wellbeing 365 programme is broken down into nine progressive stages. Each stage provides students with new and progressively more difficult challenges appropriate to their stage of development. The stages can be seen as similar to progression in sports, such as the martial arts ‘belt system.’ 

School Health & Wellbeing 365 encourages students to learn all the skills and areas of a healthy lifestyle and reinforces the importance of a good all-round skill base.

Through School Health & Wellbeing 365, we believe students will develop the skills and confidence to excel in life; not only in health and wellbeing goals, but in other activities and other life pursuits.