“Eating Healthy Is Sooo Expensive” (Or Is It?)

Many people believe that eating healthy is so expensive, but that is not the case: eating healthy might cost you money but eating unhealthily can cost you your life!

Eating healthy is possible if you are on a budget. Eating healthy can be cheaper sometimes, so choose wisely the foods you are eating. There are many nutritious foods, and they can be stocked easily on a flexible budget.

The following tips will enable you to get your weekly food shop on a low bill while your family enjoys a healthier diet.

· Pay attention to portion sizes and compare your options: a bag of apples cost less than a big bag of chips, a bag of apples can last for more than one week, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

· Plan before purchase: avoid impulse purchase; plan your meals before shopping.

· Buy cheaper proteins: protein products are the most expensive food in the shopping list, so choose the cheapest ones.

· Buy in season: know what is in season; the cost will be lower, and the vegetables will be fresher.

Finally, remember that however more expensive the product is, you cannot equalise it with your health.

Choosing healthier food is not a luxury no matter your budget.

Have a great week everyone!

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