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Dont waste the year away!

On the news this morning they were discussing how this year’s Remembrance Sunday would be marked differently to all the years that have gone before. Due to Covid-19 there are to be no parades or mass gatherings, as we come together in silence for two minutes, in the national act of Remembrance.

Instead it will be a home-based offering of remembrance, with everyone encouraged to come to their doorsteps at 11am but to venture no further. This is just one of many changes to everyday life that has been forced upon us due to the current pandemic.

Whilst we have all shared the Covid-19 event, we have all had very different experiences of it, the first lockdown and now as they are calling it Lockdown 2.0. I still think they should have called the second lockdown “Lockdown – Return of The Corona” like a dramatic movie title.

It has been interesting hearing our client’s different experiences of this year. Our life coaching and counselling clients have seemed to suffer due to mental health, the stresses of relationships in lockdown and not to mention family pressures of home schooling.

Fitness clients have either sat on the sofa during lockdown or have gone full throttle into home workouts and running. Equally some of our nutrition clients have got into bad eating habits being at home all day or have used it positively to reset their diet and use their newfound time to prepare fresh meals and find new enjoyment in cooking.

Whatever your personal lockdown and Covid-19 experience has been, we do all seem to have one thing in common, that is we have all been looking ahead. Ahead to when “this is all over” or that we “can’t wait to see the back of 2020”. We have become a world population seemingly wishing away 2020, many of us feeling like 2020 has been an altogether wasted year.

For Gregory Fisher as a company this year was not wasted. Time during lockdown allowed us to have our own reset, to unify all our services under the new single Gregory Fisher brand. We relooked at our website, advertising, our classes, even our coaches’ uniform kit (wait for the fashion show next week!). We invested in all these areas as well as continued professional development and training. Now we are at the stage just like our clients of “planning for the end”, or in our case planning for January 2021 with exciting new classes and clinic venues opening.

Whilst it is great and motivating to look ahead in such a constructive way, we must not do so by sacrificing the here and now. We should not just give up and resign ourselves that the days until 2021 will be bad or worthless. We must be present and grateful for every minute of every day whether we are in lockdown or not. We must be mindful and present in the moments we share with family and loved ones.

I have used planning for the future as my way of dealing with concerns and stresses about the current situation, occupying my time to distract myself from overthinking. So busy planning and organising in fact that I had stopped my own daily meditation and gratitude activities as I did not have time.

I know some of you are more mindful then others, some of you will regularly practice meditation, whilst it will be new to some. I always recommend for beginners wanting to give it a try the Headspace App, it was this this which initially helped me meditate and be more mindful when I started out.

Mindfulness and being present has lots of health benefits, in future blog posts we will explore these more, but for now I would simply like to set you all just two simple challenges for this week.

Firstly this Sunday join the nation, and stand on your doorstep taking two minutes to remember those who gave their lives so that we could live in a free society with the liberties that we are afforded (normally pre Covid-19 anyway).

Secondly find two minutes in the week ahead to quietly consider the place you are in, the weather, the smells, the people that surround you, your breathing and to be mindful and present in that moment. At the end of that time name out loud something you are grateful for that you can see in front of you.

Lets not let our minds simply race to the end of 2020 or to the next project, take the time to acknowledge the present.

Until next week, keep well and safe.


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