GP And Workplace Referral FAQs

What do we offer employers and workplaces?

Employers can access a range of our services for the benefit of their employees in the workplace. This can work in three ways:

Workplace Support for Individuals – you can arrange support for your employees in any of the services we are qualified in, including counselling, life coaching, nutrition, fitness and health referrals. We are able to provide sports massage and therapy to help address injuries, prevent repetitive strains or reduce stress in the workplace.

Workplace support for individuals with health conditions –some employees may need additional support managing a healthy lifestyle and emotional needs, when they have a medical condition. For instance, they may have heart problems, high blood pressure, be obese etc. Healthy employees are more productive in the workplace. As our coaches are trained to the GP referral specialist level; you can act on your duty of care to as an employer and have us work with these employees to support them in their goals and also ensure risk assessments and reasonable adjustments are effective in the workplace.

Workplace support for groups of employees – we can run group sessions on stress and health. Maybe you want some lunchtime Yoga or a weekly company exercise class at the end of the day. Combating stress and increasing health in the workplace is an increasing responsibility of employers, so why not let Gregory Fisher help you fulfil your duty of care.

How much does it cost to run employee workplace programmes?

Prices and costs are very favourable for us to supply services to your employees on site. Each case is individual depending on what you want us to provide. However, group bookings such as this get very favourable rates on all of our services. Please contact us to discuss further and to arrange a no obligation proposal and quote.

What is a GP Exercise Referral?

As well as their professional qualifications all of our coaches have under gone the NHS Accredited Training on Social Prescribing.

An Exercise Referral is a specific and formalised programme whereby a medical professional refers a patient to a health and fitness programme, often based within the community. It is not the same as a ‘recommendation’ to exercise. A formal agreement will exist between the referrer and the exercise project.

Under these agreements we provide clients referred to us by a GP a 12 week supervised programme of physical activity tailored to suit the needs of the referrer and the referred client, with a view to improving their state of health.

The principal of referral to exercise was established in the early 90s and since that time a range of qualifications and competencies have been developed to ensure the safe and effective programming for clients with a range of medical conditions.

Our coaches are trained to a higher level then normal personal trainers to enable them to conduct referrals from GPs. Their role in providing the 12 week plan includes designing, monitoring, adapting and implementing exercise programmes for individual clients with a range of medical conditions.

Where some fitness classes and trainers may have to turn people with certain medical conditions down for participation, at Gregory Fisher our level of training means we specialise in working with people with medical conditions and actively encourage them to our sessions.

As our coaches are qualified in GP Exercises Referral we are able to  support clients with the following medical conditions:

Respiratory Conditions; Asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Musculoskeletal Conditions.

Osteoarthritis; Rheumatoid arthritis, Joint replacement, Simple mechanical back pain, Osteoporosis.

Cardiovascular Conditions; Hypertension, Hypercholesterolaemia.

Psychological; Mental Health Conditions, Depression, Stress, Anxiety.

Metabolic/Immunological Conditions - Diabetes Type I and Type 2, Obesity.

What does the GP exercise referral programme consist of?

The Gregory Fisher GP exercises referral programme costs of a 12 week package which includes:  

1. Free lifetime access to Belly Busters weight group;

2. 12 weeks free access to FidoFitness;

3. 2 half an hour 121 Nutrition And Diet Planning Consultations;

4. Monthly Personal Training Session for 3 months;

5. Monthly Life coaching/counselling sessions for 3 months.

How much does exercise referral cost?

At Gregory Fisher we are passionate about supporting the health and well-being of people in our community. The full price of the package would be over £450. However, we provide the package to referring GPs for just £100 per patient. GPs either pay the full price or a percentage of the price and the patient contributes the rest.

How do I book exercise referral?

To be eligible for the GP exercise referral package please either speak to your GP or contact us and we can provide you with the information and referral forms for your GP to consider.