Reiki Treatment

Crystal Energy Healing Therapy

Balancing your physical, emotional and spiritual energy.

Crystal Energy Healing Therapy is a holistic, non-invasive, vibrational energy-based system of healing. Crystals have been used for thousands of years to heal and bring balance. They heal holistically and work on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of being.

A Crystal Energy Healing Therapy Session works with the whole body and the whole person along with their integrated energy system. It is therapeutic and deeply relaxing. The technique uses precisely placed crystals either on and/or around the physical body.

Benefits can include improved sleep, rebalancing of chakras, correcting energy imbalances, energy boosting, relieving stress and anxiety, helps with depression and increase concentration and alertness. It also helps create calm and tranquillity in the mind.

A standard session lasts 60 minutes, however you can book a 90 minutes session which also includes a relaxing massage.

Sessions take place at our comfortable, private consultations room in March, Cambridgeshire. 

Crystal Energy Healing Therapy 60 Minute Session: £40.00

Crystal Energy Healing Therapy 90 Minute Session Including Massage: £55.00


Crystal Energy Healing At Gregory Fisher

At Gregory Fisher we have one Crystal Healing Therapy Therapist. He is formally trained with qualifications in crystal therapy, massage, and yoga. More importantly he has built on this with years practicing and learning the skills in energy healing, Chakra and crystal therapy. He has a spiritual connection built by his own meditation and yoga practice. He learnt and built his skills with several master crystal healers whilst traveling abroad.

His first spiritual experience and use of crystals started when he was twenty years old, and he is always willing share his journey with clients, and how he found his calling as a Crystal Therapy Energy Healer.


Crystal Energy Healing Therapy Client Guide

As some clients may be new to the idea and practice of Crystal Energy Healing Therapy and may not know what to expect, we have put together a client information sheet which helps outline what happens in a session and how the crystal are used. We strongly advise all clients to read the information sheet before booking.