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Welcome to our website. On this page we would like to share a little about us as a company and who we are. The company name Gregory Fisher is my surname and my partners surname put together; I know original right! But it solved the problem of what would I do if I changed my name when we get married.

We are a small company based in March, Cambridgeshire, nicely situated between Cambridge, Peterborough and Wisbech. We serve all the local communities, town and villages. We are fully qualified and insured in all the services we offer.

As a company we believe that every client is on their own personal journey to a healthy lifestyle, and it was my personal journey which inspired me to set the company up, and I have shared this and our company philosophy below.

As well as our local services we run three very popular national training programmes which are; Health & Wellbeing 365, School Health & Wellbeing 365 and Canine Sports 365.

Gregory Fisher Coaching, along with Fat Belly Yoga, FidoFitness, Health & Wellbeing 365, School Health & Wellbeing 365, Canine Sports 365 and Canine Sports Academy are all trading styles of our limited company; Gregory Fisher Professional Services Limited. Registered in England & Wales. Registration Number: 12541958


How We Got Here

My Journey

My journey has been a diverse and strange one. I grew up the son of a dog breeder and lots of my early childhood was immersed in the world of dog training, dog shows and dog sports such as Obedience, Agility, Flyball etc. I qualified after leaving school in Small Animal Veterinary Hydrotherapy and then studied Veterinary Pharmacy to qualify as a Registered Animal Medicines Advisor. I had a career working for veterinary pharmacy companies and due to my knowledge of diseases in animals I was lucky to work in the field of Infection Control in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

During this time my dog activities were a hobby and passion. I qualified as a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor in Agility and also taught Flyball. I was Head of the National Lottery funded, Canine Sports Academy at Central Bedfordshire Canine Trust. There I became increasingly involved in the education and training of the dog handlers in their own physical fitness. This spark pushed me to gain both teaching and human fitness instructing qualifications.

It was whilst working in education that a few of years ago, only in my thirties, I suffered a Mini-Stroke (TIA) after arriving home from holiday.  For me this was a life changing wake up call that I needed to get fit and healthy. I started my own journey to recovery and back to fitness.  I struggled to find a company locally that could help me with the emotional, physical and nutritional support I needed at this time.

My journey led me to overcome not only the Mini-Stroke but also get fit and healthy again, loosing a considerable amount of weight in the process.  During this time I completed additional formal Fitness, Personal Training, Sports Massage, Nutrition, Yoga and Counselling qualifications. My determination was to not only achieve my own goals, but also to go on and help others.  That is why I started Gregory Fisher Coaching.

My journey hasn’t ended. My goal now is to grow the company to provide support for as many clients as possible at as an affordable price as possible.  I am still learning and working towards an even healthier lifestyle, just like you. Wherever our individual journeys may take us, together we will support each other to get there.


Our Philosophy

A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step

Being healthy is more than just looking good. It's feeling good on both the inside and the outside. Body and mind.  At Gregory Fisher we promote exercising, nutrition and emotional support for a healthy realistic lifestyle every day.

Our philosophy is that life is a combination of balancing different aspects of health and fitness, and as such our services provide support to each element of that balance. We are qualified and insured in all these different areas so we can provide honest, trustworthy and informed advice and guidance to our clients. 

Our charging system is simple, an hour of our time is the same price no matter what service we provide, and many clients access a range of holistic services with us in a comprehensive and mixed programme for the best results.

We provide a list of our qualifications and have them available for inspection by all our clients. This is also available as a file below.  We recognise that sometimes clients have a need for more qualified, more experienced help in a specialist area and we will always be honest with clients if this is the case.

Our greatest honour is being able to take a new client, get them started and get them to reach their goals. We then help them maintain it at that level, set new goals or to signpost them to more advanced and specialist experts for them to continue their journey.

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We are open, honest, trustworthy, insured and qualified.


Our current qualifications and professional registrations, along with  expiry dates where necessary.

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Our Insurance Policy Cover Certificate.

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Gregory Fisher Coaching provides a holistic approach to creating a healthy lifestyle by providing; Personal Training, Group Fitness Classes, Yoga, Sports Massage, Life Coaching, Counselling and FidoFitness (inc dog training).

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Unit 6 Norman Business Park, Thorby Avenue, March, PE15 0AZ

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We cover; March, Wimblington, Doddington, Chatteris, Warboys, Benwick, Ramsey, Wisbech, Spalding and Kings Lynn.

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